Month: September 2010

You Really Like Me : Big Thanks

I thought long and hard how to write this post. I actually thought about not writing it and just creating some tool or something to say thanks (I’ll do that also). Yesterday via the vChat video podcast Eric Siebert, Simon Seagrave, David Davis, and special guest John Troyer announced the winners of the Top 25…

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Workstation Upgrade : Network Bug

[printprofile] I just recently updated my VMware Workstation software on my UBER-Workstation to 7.1.2 build-301548. The next time I fired up my lab I noticed I was unable to connect to any of my VM’s via my workstation. After making sure firewalls, listeners, and all other possible culprits were not the issue; I finally realized…

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Home Lab Juice : RevoDrive

I do a lot of work on my home workstation. Because of that I had not pulled the trigger on a laptop SSD unlike 90% of my teammates. This week I have been working on a project that was pushing the edge of what my pair of WD VelociRaptor hard drives could push. I had…

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Don’t Panic : Mirror Positions

What happens to a VM that is hosted on a VMFS datastore when you physically remove both of the mirrored drives from the array? Kernel panic/blue screen right? What if you were replicating that LUN to another site using array based replication? Would the VM still crash? Not if you’re using Symmetrix Remote Data Facility,…

Enterprise Array

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Tune Out Vendor Noise

As an infrastructure manager I used to get annoyed at vendors who would tell me about products that were the best at solving problems I didn’t have. Some of those products solved problems that nobody has. I refer to this behavior as vendor noise, and it really frustrates me. The industry as a whole seems…

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