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Sell, Execute, Grow, Iterate

Sell the vision well and the doors will open. Very few good ideas get to happen without someone selling the idea to someone. It is the vision of it. The story that is told. The belief in something better that greases wheels. As a recent boss loved to say: You can do anything you can justify…

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nickapedia.com 3.0

This blog has bounced around between a lot of different things as I have adapted to what my career has placed before me. Today I start a new iteration. And in this iteration I am going to focus much more on whatever strikes my fancy as a personal blog. In the past this has been…

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Tune Out Vendor Noise

As an infrastructure manager I used to get annoyed at vendors who would tell me about products that were the best at solving problems I didn’t have. Some of those products solved problems that nobody has. I refer to this behavior as vendor noise, and it really frustrates me. The industry as a whole seems…

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