Going to have a son

Just found out yesterday that the newest kid is a boy. Hasn’t really sunk in. After 3 daughters you kind of get in a groove and know what to expect. I am pretty excited (either way this was the last one) but kind of nervous too. So much more reflects on me as an example…

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VMware class

I am spending a whole week in a VMware Infrastructure 3: Fast Track. At first it was a little boring but I got to admit the modules on networking ( yesterday) and storage (today) have really given me some great ideas. Both the teachers really know their material. Most of the time I feel like…

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One of the ways I stay sane at work is through foosball games with coworkers. Here is a pic of Bryan and John at the deli we play at on the first floor. When the time comes around to play the we usually IM the code phrase, “it’s foos-thirty”.

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Quick Update and Resolution

Well, I haven’t written anything since Jan. 2008.  So does that mean I am not cut out to be a blogger? So my 3rd quarter resolution is to start updating this site. And with that…. I just got a white iPhone 16GB from Best Buy. I was not going to get one yet but I…

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Well I better start adding content here sine I took the trouble to come up with the idea. So here goes: I just started working on my Dad’s campaign site for District Judge.  It has been awhile since I did web design and I am super rusty on CSS.  It took me 3 days to…

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