220px-OuroborosBlogging isn’t hard. Blogging while working for a company that has to maintain a high level of R&D secrecy and industry neutrality is very hard. This is a big part of why this blog has been so idle.

But today I have something to share. I am leaving Intel.

It has been an interesting journey.

I have been surrounded by some of the smartest people in my career.

I have learned more about the way the tech business works underneath all of the assumptions we frequently make.
I learned about open source as a strategy instead of a popularity contest.
I learned to survive, prepare, influence and partner.
I learned about staying true to core products
I also learned about how much true, constant, and data-rich effort it takes to truly climb mountains.
And I learned how much the fall on the other side can hurt.
I learned how dumb I am next to others on some things.
I learned that is ok.
I know I developed as a human and leader.
Harder for me to quantify from inside my own head, but I can see the changes to others on the outside.
I am well aware of way too many emails I shouldn’t have sent, assumptions I shouldn’t have made, and promises I shouldn’t have given.

I would not trade my time at Intel for anything. It had some amazing highs and lows. You learn in both.

There will be a lot of things I will miss. The access to anything and everything in tech. The team I helped build here. The visits to my teammates in Poland. The friends I made here across a dozen different groups and divisions. Staring at the massive D1X Research Fab from the hilltop on near my house and feeling like I was a part of something massive.

The journey was well worth it. I am looking forward to this next one.

I have accepted a position as Vice President of Software Engineering with Dell EMC. I will be joining the Converged Solutions Group under Chad Sakac, who is someone I have modeled my own leadership style after for years. I will be helping his group continue to grow and develop the most innovation software engineering possible for developer and native cloud products.

As a part of this you will see and hear more from me than before.


EMC Life/Work

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