I’d far rather be happy than right any day

2014 was a great year. Hell, 2013 was too.

I worked with the best people I have met in my life. Some were friends before I worked with them. Some were friends after.

I wrote near a hundred of thousand of lines of code. I argued in front of whiteboards of detail 40 feet long. I beat myself up about times I was too harsh to those that were just ernest in their effort.

I spoke with passion about things I cared about in front of thousands of people. They listened and responded in kind. I found kindred spirits.

I met women and men that do the daily work. That make the magic happen though they don’t get the twitter followers or the acclaim to show it. I personally dealt with trying to resolve how to make things fair to them. Why do people follow or care about me when I am nothing compared to them?

I reconnected with my heroes. The men and women who built the foundation on which I stand. I got reinvigorated by the passion that we can be better than we were. The way we work on things, the way we communicate, the very way we look at the world of technology can be better. I am inspired.

I met great engineers. People who are leaders and innovators. Selfless, sacrificing, dedicated, and honest. People that get less credit but are valued above the gold of a good marketing campaign.

I work for a company that is a group of patient and persistent thinkers. I miss the company full of brothers and sisters at the same time.

I discover–in all the long hours of work and effort my daughters and son grew older. My world changed around me. I did good and bad at the same time.

2014 was a good year.

2015 will be better.


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