Goodbye Zombies

It has been amazing. That is the only way to describe it.

Project Zombie was an experience filled with amazing challenges and people. And for me this season is over.

I will be leaving VMware soon to take a position at Intel as a Principal Cloud Architect. I will be focusing on helping them develop some amazing new things in distributed automation, DevOps, and more.
This is not just a big deal for me. I will also be moving the Weaver clan from our home here in Texas. We will be settling into Portland Oregon area and starting a brand new adventure. We recently took a trip to Oregon over Spring Break and fell in love with the state. My family is excited to start exploring a new part of the United States.

The team will go on without me. I am proud to have been involved during this period of building out vCHS. And I feel lucky I was able to help assemble this mutant army of coding cloud zombies. The greatest part of this transition is knowing that the team will easily fill the small void I leave behind because of how awesome they are at what they do. The team culture of strong collaboration, ownership in what you do, and thinking out of the box was something brought by each member and it will live on.

I have been in the EMC/VMware family for over four years. And it is not without some sadness I move over to Intel. I have nothing but good memories and wicked skills thanks to the amazing opportunities I had as a part of this family.

Only thing I can promise is you will see more from Nick Weaver.

Stay tuned



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  1. Congratulation Nick! Enjoy the new gig! Oregon will be a great place for you and the family. I am looking forward to what comes next.



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