Effort vs Credit

In life, your effort will be judged by your peers, superiors, and dependents.

Sometimes there is effort you can make which is somewhat impossible for your superiors to fully grasp. Maybe it is too technical. Perhaps they are too busy. Or it may just be your inability to communicate the value. But you know why the extra effort is valuable. You know that someday someone is not going to run into a problem because you decided to do things right. You know that you might not even be around when that time comes. Which presents every technical contributor with a problem. Do I only commit the effort that will be recognized? Or do I hold myself to a higher standard and judge myself first?

Your boss is just a single factor in what affects your life and you will have many bosses in this modern world. My opinion is you always treat your effort in life as a reflection of how you want to be seen. Even if there is no guarantee anyone will ever see it. Not because you get credit from those above you. You do it because that is the person you want to be.

The funny thing about integrity in your work is that it does not go completely unnoticed. Your peers will see it. If you have subordinates they will pick up on it. And as it bleeds into your personal life, your family will see it as well.

There are a lot of things that can rot away at our integrity. Unrecognized work, wasted effort from poor communication, random events, and much much more. Sometimes it is hard to remember why you should do the right thing when the wrong thing wins.

In life, your effort can win more than credit.

It can make a better you.

NOTE: It seems some see this post as a rant about my current position. It is not in the slightest. In fact this post is all about letting go of trying to get recognition for things you can’t and instead focusing integrity first. Just to be clear this post is about my developing philosophy and not me complaining about the wonderful role I am in currently.


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  1. Nick – great post and I agree – sometimes we can get caught up in just delivering what is asked of us when we fully recognize that it might require just a little more to make it better. Whether we actually get credit for going that extra mile or not shouldn’t impact the right way to do something.


  2. Not receiving credit for things that you do can be very frustrating, but I always remind myself of a quote that used to be in my signature from Harry S. Truman.

    “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”

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