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I have been traveling around this year speaking on automation and how it is a positive evolution to technology engineers. I love nothing more than inspiring engineers to push themselves into fun tools and patterns for making themselves more valuable.

This week and next I will be speaking at both VMworld 2013 and PuppetConf 2013 on automation and the project that has consumed my time for the last year, Project Zombie. If you are even slightly curious what the vCHS automation team has been up to and what the result of that work is, you owe it to yourself to catch one of those sessions. Here is my schedule over the next two weeks:

PuppetConf 2013

Time: Friday 8/23, 10:25am
Title: VMware vCHS, Puppet, and Project Zombie

This will be a 25 minute long highly compressed story of how vCHS built a custom framework alongside Puppet to manage automation (Project Zombie). I will also have special guests join me on stage.

TIme: Friday 8/23, 11:00am
Title: Automation Generation: Or Why Skill is the Answer to Scale.

In this session I will be covering automation and why it is a positive evolution for engineers in technology

VMworld 2013

Time: Wednesday 8/28, 3:00pm
Title: The Story Behind Designing and Building a Distributed Automation Framework for vCloud Hybrid Services

This will be the longer version of the Puppet Keynote on Project Zombie. Nan Liu will join me for this and we will cover in-depth what Project Zombie is and how we approached DevOps automation at scale. Nan will also be announcing a very cool thing for the automation community during this session

I am completely thrilled that I get to share some of the work we have been doing and I am looking forward to catching all the other amazing sessions at both of these events.
If you do attend a session, please come by the front after and say hi.


Project Zombie

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