Stuff to see : Puppet, PEX, and more

I know it has been a while since i have posted. I have been deeply engrossed in my work here at VMware and hopefully will have some extremely cool things to show for it later this year.

But I am coming out of the basement for a couple of cool things in the month of February.

First I will be doing the keynote for the Toronto VMUG next week. Go here to register and view the great sessions and more that will be available. I will be presenting on Cloud + Automation and giving my perspective on why this is such an awesome time to be diving into automation.

I am also going to be co-presenting a session at VMware Partner Exchange 2013 alongside Nigel Kersten (CTO PuppetLabs) on some exciting new stuff from VMware and PuppetLabs. This is a must-attend session as we will be presenting some extremely cool never-before-seen stuff with a live demo :). The session info is: ‘VPN1298 – Next Round of Cloud Configuration Automation Using Puppet and VMware’ and it takes place at 2pm on Wednesday.

I also have some forthcoming stuff for the community as a whole in the next couple months around some code my team and I have been working on. This year is going to be a busy one for VMware cloud and automation.


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