Change of pace : My next career experiment

Every year I get a little older and a little wiser. And the one thing I am realizing about myself is that I thrive on challenges. My natural element is breaking problems down and creating answers. I live for that first 5 minutes after success when you can look back and see a pattern of effort paying off.

Which is why I look back at my time at EMC and feel so good about what has happened. I have made a great many friends. I have worked with people that have influenced me greatly. I have made my small dent in the technology world where I could. And beyond all that I have had a blast doing it all.

And it would be very easy to stay comfortable and contribute where I am. But, I have been presented with an opportunity to move the ball in a way I have not before. Life is a sequence of opportunities, challenges, and empty-time in between. It is how you handle each of those moments over a long period of time that shapes who you become. This new change for me is both a major challenge and an extremely important opportunity to shape who I become.

Which is why I am announcing that I have accepted a position with VMware as an Automation Architect in Cloud Infrastructure and Services. This position presents some very unique challenges and I am joining an amazing team of rockstars. I have very specific challenges in this role that I am chomping at the bit to attack.

The sad part of this story is that this means I will be leaving EMC. I find it hard to put into words how much my time here has meant. How do you leave a a company full of great people where many of those people have been critical to your development and great experiences? I leave with a head full of incredible memories and friendships meant to last.

But life is about opportunities, challenges, and empty-time between. And when presented with the right challenge you have to make the choice to abandon the comfortable and take on the unknown.

I think Ralph Waldo Emerson says it best:

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.

Thank you to all at EMC who have been friends, supporters, and mentors. And a special thanks to Dan Hushon. Without his exceptional leadership in the last year; I would not have accomplished 90% of what I did.

Wish me luck.


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