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APII mentioned in a slightly important recent post that Razor, the new cloud provisioning tool for bare & virtual metal, has a full RESTful API.

Now I back that up with some documentation. Freshly added to the Razor Wiki on github is a overview of the Razor API. This includes examples on the JSON format and code samples for Adding, Removing, Updating, and Getting Razor configuration. And I took the time to provide code samples for each section in Ruby, Perl, Python, Java, C# and PowerShell (for my PS buddies, you know who you are).

Go read it here : Razor API Overview

This is the tip of the spear and there will be more documents on API elements for each Razor Slice.

The Razor project is in beta and so the API may change as things move forward. Also, since this is a community project. If you have ideas or code that will improve anything please fork and submit a pull request.

Feedback & comments appreciated.


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