Quick Update : UNF version 1.701

I got some feedback that some users running Snow Leopard were crashing every time they started UNF.

Turns out there was a method being used on a Cocoa control that required changes made in the 10.7 SDK. I rewrote the function to not need the method and have released a new version (version 1 build 701). All download links are updated but you can download the new version here:

UBER Network Fuser 1.701 Download

Lion users don’t need to update.



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    • Yes, I don’t release source for most all of my projects. Two reasons:
      1) I work for a company that frequently reuses my code
      2) My company partners with a companies (in this case VMware) who can reuse my code.

      I am sharing the source with VMware who are eager to see if it *might* be useful for future Fusion updates.

      I am not against OSS – but I am not always in a position to release. But, the flip side is everything on my site is free and open to use commercially if you want (minus ANY support).


  1. Hi there! Im just download and install the UBER Network Fuser 1.701 but it keep saying that it can´t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer 😦 Any chance to fix it? Thanks a lot!

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