VMware Workstation 2011 : w00t

Just a quick blog post but I wanted mention that VMware has just release the new VMware Workstation 2011 and Fusion 4.

Basically 100% of the projects I do on Nickapedia.com have been done on VMware Workstation. I have done the big-Windows 7 machine running Workstation with virtual ESX/vCenter for over a year now. And I was just getting ready to pull the trigger on moving to more of a white box design when I got invited to the BETA for both of these products.

The new changes with Workstation have changed me back to staying with the current model for my current lab. Some of the big cool stuff I am excited about:

  1. It now supports the ability to run 64-Bit OS’s inside a virtualized ESXi VM inside Workstation. This was the biggest issue I had and the primary driver for me to want to move to a whitebox.
  2. New UI – it rocks, it is easier to use, more options, and so cool.
  3. Remote connection – now I can be running VM’s on Workstation on any of my big machines and connect from my main workstation. This is so slick for extending lab environments across machines.

I am so appreciative of the work of the VMware Workstation & Fusion (I have a Macbook Air now also) teams. I can’t wait to upgrade my BETA to the new release.

Check out more and download a 30-day trial here: http://blogs.vmware.com/workstation/2011/09/vmware-workstation-8-now-available-worldwide.html


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  1. This discussion is a few months old, but I’m interested in knownig details about item #1.  I’m running on WS 8 and can NOT get 64-bit OS’s inside a virtualized ESXi VM inside WS 8.  Please point to any config settings that might need to be enabled to support this feature.  –  Andy

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