VMworld 2011 : One lonely session

I haven’t got to post this because of the EMC World madness. But, I did submit one single session for VMworld 2011. It is “Top 10 Ways to Become a Cloud Innovator Using VMware Technology”.

This time around I really wanted to focus on delivering something unique as a session. I have been the last year trying hard to come up with thought provoking way to innovate with VMware tech and this session will cover how I approach innovation. I think this session should really be title: “Why Nick isn’t as smart as he looks” or maybe “Seriously, this stuff is easy. Let me show you how.”. Either way, my goal is to enable and encourage the audience to take the creative ideas and solutions I know they have and turn it into something both relevant and eye-opening.

So if this sounds interesting to you, then toss a vote my way:

Title:         Top 10 Ways to Become a Cloud Innovator Using VMware Technology
Abstract:         This session will walk the listener through an interactive example of ten different ways to innovate using VMware Technology. Topics will include using new methods of interaction, new methods to orchestrate, and illustrations of possible opportunities within your own position. This will also cover walkthroughs on how the speaker built the Interactive Cloud (Kinect-based control of vSphere) and Virtual Selection (Evolving VM’s) featured on his blog.




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