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Over the weekend I got to visit my great-uncle who spent his career as an electrical engineer working on supercomputers (among other things) for Exxon from the 60’s on. He is retired now and lives on an awesome spot of land in the Texas Hill Country. I got a chance to bring the family by and visit and while I was there starting talking about cloud-computing. My Great-Uncle then started to bring out some cool stuff from his career to show me. I had a blast seeing this stuff and thought I would share the pictures with you.

An Applied Data Research Hexamatic/16 (hexadecimal slide calculator)

from phone 1165

from phone 1166

from phone 1168 from phone 1169

A 3M Magnetic Tape Viewer for inspecting reel to reel tape.

from phone 1167

An IBM Field Engineering hexadecimal adder

from phone 1170 from phone 1171

And now for the REALLY cool stuff.
A Cray-1 Supercomputer memory board

IMG_0195 from phone 1172

The Cray Y-MP Gate Array

IMG_0196 from phone 1174

And finally, an award my Great-uncle received for being the technical consultant on the first super computer in Saudi Arabia (and maybe the Middle-East). The guy that gave this medal to my Great-uncle was given it by the King himself.

from phone 1175

All this awesome stuff just makes me realize: there have been a lot of men and women that have worked very hard to pave the way. But they also had some crazy cool tech back in their day too.

If you have cool stories or things similar to share feel, free to comment below.


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  1. I love stuff like this. When my grandmother passed away, one of the first things I made sure to claim from her estate were all her old IBM-branded flow charting stencils from when she was a punchcard proofreader. 🙂

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