Fistful of Cloud : Interactive Cloud Demo

This project start to finish was just over one week. I had a three day birthday weekend where I did the bulk of the work and then spent evenings till early AM finishing this up. And without a doubt this was the most fun to create.

Really this blog post is a really a *video* blog post so without further ado I present:

Please post comments/questions below letting me know what you think and sharing your opinion back here. I have one more killer idea I have been working on but, I need a bit of a break to recover from sleep deprivation Smile

Go here to watch on iPad/iPhone


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  1. I was watching the video, thinking “This is amazing, I’d love it if he put some VMotion feature in there as well”. And then it appeared. I am awestruck, very well done Nick, can’t wait to see what you up with next. Keep coding, but get some sleep first 🙂

  2. Nick

    I think it’s awesome.

    It would be cool if you could switch between VM and Host mode. Maintenance mode, performance charts, alerts. Possibly have ‘screens’ where if you wave up/down it switches between VM, Host etc.

    How many lines of code are there?

    Awesomely cool stuff, Minority Report arrives.


  3. Hey man, that was awesome! The suspense build-up on twitter over the past week was well worth it! The ESX host selection was the best part. Only one week?! wow

  4. Nick,
    Great job!! I knew there was a reason I bought the kinetc!! Now I just might have to buy another one and if you can develop a monitor application for networks n systems that uses this that be nice too.. next time your in MA I need to buy you a drink for all your hard work!!

  5. How can a guy with a cap be so smart? You keep exceeding my expectations, Nick, and now I’m crapping myself wondering what the hell you’re going to come up with next!

    KEEP IT UP ya big nerdy geekball!

    Love it, Game On!

  6. The implications of this are huge. I know a number of busy sysadmins that lose their controllers all the time. Pair this up with the face recognition software and we’d can start moving towards a “hands off” interface for virtualization management.

    How long until this is being used in operation centers for virtualized data centers?

    There is so much potential for this concept. I’m thinking CSI or computer forensics with many observers. Training rooms, Executive Briefing Centers, Customer Sales, etc.

  7. Nick, That was awesome. Keep this up and you’ll find yourself part of the keynote w/ Herrod at VMworld 2011 showing some of the stuff you do in your “spare time”.

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