2010.Close; 2011.Open;

What a year it has been. From just a personal level 2010 has been my banner year so far. I have got more done, met more cool people, had more fun, and learned more than I would have ever thought possible. Here is just a short list of things that have happened for me (in no particular order)

I look at that list and think about all the people that have encouraged, enabled, and helped me get the stuff above done. Without my Wife, my team, my close friends, and my leadership I would still be just some geek scripting stuff in a corner just to make *his* life easier.

I have learned so much I cannot possibly put it into words. The way I even think now is so much different (in a good way) than 12 months ago. I was a believer back then in virtualization as a catalyst to change IT forever. Now I am actually helping that happen in my own small way.

By far the greatest benefit to me this year was all the incredible people I have met. I cannot wait to see what happens in 2011.

I will close out my last 2010 post by saying this:

Thanks to those that have read my blog, read my twitter, went to my sessions, downloaded my tools/vApps, and encouraged me to keep going. I hope I can do something to make your 2011 cooler in some small way and encourage you to step out and do the same.

Happy New Year


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  1. Thanks Nick, we appreciate all that you are contributing… as of this minute I am downloading the UIM vApp and am glad you got that done in 2010! Happy new year.

  2. You had so much there already without a good outlet. Joining EMC was your tipping point, and you have become even more hungry. Can’t wait to see where your drive and Chad’s resources can take you…and everyone in the community that you are bringing along for the ride.

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