Cisco Live 2010 : Things to do in Vegas

Eric Hollis & Chris Horn discussing VCE

Ok, if you are at Cisco Live 2010 and have any interest in the new Private Cloud innovations or in Virtualization, I have a who’s who of EMC vSpecialists onsite that you must meet.

1. We have in one location two of the masters of the VCE SST team. These guys eat, sleep, and breath Vblocks all day. Chris Horn, and Eric Hollis are the busiest vSpecialists and other than maybe Chad Sakac or Wade O’Harrow, have more face time with customers looking at private clouds than anyone. I highly recommend swinging by booth 1671 and asking to meet them. Tell them Nick (@lynxbat) sent you.

2. There are people who are in the know at EMC, and then there is Stephen Spellicy. This guy is involved in helping with product development, testing, and demo building across all parts of EMC. Have a question on Redwood UIM? Where EMC is going with Cisco and VMware? No other guy at EMC that I know of (I admit, not a long list…) is working the technology in the trenches like Stephen. He is also working the booths for VCE and EMC Journey to the cloud.

3. But, I am not done. We also have my step-brother (by employment) David Robertson. Storage guru, FCoE master, Nexus 5k experienced geek and a half. Have a difficult storage/FCoE/VMware question? I bet $10 Dave will have it answered for you in a very short and intense conversation.

4. Alongside the above we have John Avery (VMware, Cisco master), Jeff Thomas (Godfather of the West Coast & Virtualization for EMC), and Rick Scherer who just may be the only VCDX at Cisco Live (or at least that I have run into…).

EMC also has a great RSA booth, is a part of the Datacenter of the Future demo with Cisco, and great video demos of new Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) technologies.

I am also wandering around so if you want to meet up and talk about anything hit me up on twitter(@lynxbat). I will be at the Mandalay Starbucks today @ 9:30am for an EMC tweetup also.

The point being that EMC has sent their best and brightest (myself not included) so you can approach and ask the difficult questions about where you want to go with your datacenter. Take advantage before the conference ends. Even John Chambers had to drop by and see (see below).



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