Cisco Live 2010 : It’s all about the Milk & Cookies

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 30JAN10 - John T. Chambers,...

Watching John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, give the keynote presentation today at Cisco Live 2010 I was struck by two important things:

  1. The focus on changing the way the consumer / business users utilizes technology
  2. The strong emphasis on the demand for a new model for business operations.

Both of these appear on the surface to be great marketing statements. But, what makes these different is the timing with the evolution of technology today.

I think the value proposition of the video on every business/consumer device is obvious. I know the Cisco Cius brings the capability to change the way interactions occur and collaberation begins. But, what affected me most was a simple statement that Mr. Chambers made:

“Today, change starts from the consumer and moves to the datacenter”

It just clicked for me with this statement. The drive for the private cloud, for infrastructure that is flexible, agile, and easily consumable is based on demand. It isn’t based on just the energy savings, cost efficiency, or enabling of new technology.

The consumers want more. They want their milk with their cookies. They want to do things quickly with lots of choice and a multitude of interaction. This trend is obvious with devices like iPhones, iPads, Flip Video, even mobile hotspots like Sprint Overdrive.

And because the consumers want more and the competition to fill that need accelerates; business development is demanding more from the way it interfaces with technology. The point being, that the acceleration of technology is imposing an demand on the way business is done today.

John Chambers illustrated this by pointing out the massive changes Cisco has done itself to the way it does business. The amount of patents, new products, and different markets Cisco is participating in is incredible. Their success is strongly tied to the speed with which they deliver new technology and business development.

The big two pillars that were built for this were Operational Excellence and Innovation. And John made strong statements around the VCE coalition (VMware, Cisco, EMC) and how important virtualization implementation from the consumer to the datacenter has become.

The idea of a business model where technology is a consumable that is distributed, flexible; and most importantly fast to deliver, is compelling. Another powerful statement was that the greatest obstacles are the culture and process and not the technology architecture itself. The strong focus is on modernizing the business architecture to be able to fully utilize the new technology innovations around the private cloud.

In the end, demand for interaction in our hands and between each other has created the demand for collaboration in the datacenter.

Having seen the focus at EMCWorld 2010 and now the strong alignment at Cisco Live 2010 I am excited to see what lays in store for VMworld 2010.

Opinions? Questions? Recipes for success? Feel free to comment below.




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  1. Well said, Nick. I agree that the paradigm is changing, and that your distillation of the motivations behind that stemming from the consumers rather than the reverse as had been the old model was correct, appropriate, and will continue to be very exciting.

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