What happens in Vegas… : Cisco Live 2010!

Seems like I somehow get myself involved in everything lately… This week I am headed to Cisco Live 2010 although for this one, I was begging to go.

While a true blue EMC guy and VMware lover. I am also secretly a big fan of Cisco stuff. I love how they are always on the cusp of new technology. I also love networking and I am a huge fan of the new movements into Data Center Networking 2.0. My VMworld session this year is on virtualization and how it affects the way we look at networking.

I will spend my time this week tweeting and blogging about what I see and hear at Cisco Live. I will also spend some time at the great EMC booths including our Journey to the Private Cloud booth. Feel free to drop by and say hi. Also, EMC is hosting a TweetUp at the Mandalay Starbucks Wednesday @ 9:30am. Come out to meet all the killer Cisco competent vSpecialists and EMC peeps.

I am also going to take my CCNP composite test this week so if you run into me and I look like I have been studying all night; you will understand.

If you have something you would like me to look into and blog about, please post a request in the comments. I will try and respond to each and everyone I can.

See you there,



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