VCP 4 & VMworld – First to Pass!

So on a whim I decided to take the VCP 4 test at VMworld in the Marriot. My new Senior guy, Justin, had studied and was booked. So I decided to follow him up to the table.
I asked the girls if I could go ahead and register to give it a shot. They said sure and a few minutes later I was in front of the exam.

Well, long story short, I passed it, and was the first one to have passed it at VMworld 2009. I definitely wasn’t the highest scoring of the bunch (Justin passed with quite a bit higher score).
But, I did pass without studying. I haven’t had time to really study for it since I am working on the CCNP (thanks again Train Signal!) and Microsoft EA exams.

So I kind of feel like the lucky guy who gets to the blog post and writes “First”. True I am first, but there were better men and women behind me.

There was some interesting swag:

A cool hat, a pair of led flashing glasses, and a cool little “Hello Certification” button.

Here is a video of the glasses in action:

*disclaimer: I am not the first VCP4. Just the first at VMworld. There are bunch of smart VCP4 beta testers who passed way before me*


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