Quick Update and Resolution

Well, I haven’t written anything since Jan. 2008.  So does that mean I am not cut out to be a blogger?

So my 3rd quarter resolution is to start updating this site.

And with that…. I just got a white iPhone 16GB from Best Buy. I was not going to get one yet but I won my companies IT innovation and excellence award  two months in a row (didn’t think that was going to happen).  The prizes were gift cards to Best Buy. I am giving my company HTC Touch to Greg but after really looking at the iPhone I doubt it will be long before he gets one himself.

So now that I have it I am going to start working on getting some business value out of it for other company iPhone users. I have to work out the VPN access, a new WLAN with HTTPS only to intranet sites (project mgmt., and helpdesk mostly), and maybe even try my hand at ThinkCash specific iPhone apps.  The iPhone rocks btw.  I thought it was 50-75% hype, but now that I have it, I don’t know how I did without it. Kudos Apple.



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